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Co-Ownership Solutions for Luxury Vacation Homes

At Cohana, we help sophisticated buyers realize their dream of owning a home in one of the world’s most desirable vacation destinations. Our innovative co-ownership investment model makes it all possible.

You’ll get years of enjoyment in your luxury vacation home – and benefit from an exit strategy focused on returns. It’s about prioritizing your experience and your investment.
That’s what we call a great vacation.

Discover the Smarter Way to Own a Second Home

The vacation home real estate market can be frustrating. The barrier to entry can be high, even for high-net-worth buyers. They want access to the best homes on the luxury market, but find limited choices within their range, and they can’t spend enough time in the home to make sense of the significant investment. Meanwhile, high-end property owners have few opportunities to offset their ongoing expenses, and they find their valuable time and money taken up with property upkeep and maintenance. That’s the opposite of a vacation.

Cohana solves these challenges. Created for the sophisticated buyer, our co-ownership solutions are the smarter way to own a luxury vacation home.

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How It Works

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We match prospective owners into an exclusive cohort and facilitate the creation of a customized LLC to leverage the buying power of their partnership.

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Through our exceptional market expertise, we help match the partnership to the most desirable properties available – homes that often would have been out of reach for individual buyers.

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We provide property management and maintenance, scheduling, and personalized travel and concierge services, so you’re free to enjoy your vacation home to the fullest – as it should be.

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Our innovative eight-year investment model provides you with years of enjoyment in your second home and an exit strategy focused on a profitable return.

1500 S. Via Entrada
$375,000 1/4 Ownership
Palm Springs, CA
Open house June 28 10 AM to 2 PM