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Vacations have changed

Vacationing looks different than it did just a few years ago. Remote work and flexible paid time off means we have options when it comes to where and how we spend our time. We can blend work and play, and balance time alone with time with friends and family.

While hotel stays have their perks, the expense can be equal to a good investment, and hotel living doesn’t provide the space, flexibility and privacy many of us seek from a vacation. And especially because of the clamp-down on Airbnb vacation rentals in Hawaii and elsewhere, partial ownership in a vacation home has become the goal for many of us.

Discover the Smarter Way to Own a Second Home

The vacation home real estate market can be frustrating, even for high-net-worth buyers. They want access to the best homes on the luxury market, but find limited choices within their range, and they can’t spend enough time in the home to make sense of the significant investment.

Meanwhile, high-end property owners have few opportunities to offset their ongoing expenses, and they find their valuable time and money taken up with property upkeep and maintenance. At the same time, some communities in popular vacation destinations have limited the ability for homeowners to rent their property and mitigate the associated expenses.

Cohana solves
these challenges.

Created for the sophisticated buyer, our co-ownership solutions are the smarter way to own a luxury vacation.

it's about your time...
and money

Fact: The vast majority of vacation homeowners pay 100% of the cost and expenses of their second home, but only use it for 8% of the year. That just doesn’t make financial sense.

In addition, sole owners are burdened with the concerns of property management, repairs and upkeep, and to-do lists compromise their enjoyment of their vacation time. There’s a smarter way.

Our innovative option is designed for the sophisticated buyer who wants to make the most of their investment and their experience. We remove the barrier to entry on high-end properties and the burden of dealing with property management and upkeep. Then we take it up a notch with five-star concierge services to optimize your enjoyment.

Our mission is to ensure that every moment of your vacation is spent on vacation.


The benefits of co-ownership

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zero-hassle ownership
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fair and flexible
reservation system
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shared operating
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24-7 property
management services
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personalized five-star
concierge & travel services
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pre-arrival grocery
shopping & trip-planning
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an effortless
in-residence experience

the cohana difference


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In a competitive real estate market, our co-ownership model provides you with expanded access to the most desirable luxury properties. As a buyer, you can choose from among Cohana’s inventory of luxury homes for sale on the open market, or engage with an existing owner on an unlisted property who’s seeking an equity partner in their home.

Where you may have been limited by price before, co-ownership through an LLC allows you to broaden your search beyond your price range as a single buyer. And when you become a co-owner through Cohana, you buy a home at the best market rate, just like any other homebuyer. Our local real estate experts are positioned to negotiate the best possible deal.

pack for roi

Our eight-year exit strategy mirrors the average holding period of a vacation home. Unlike a timeshare purchase, which only profits the operator, our investment and exit strategy considers your returns right from the start. The goal is to provide you with years of enjoyment in your vacation home investment while also enhancing your net worth.


Through co-ownership, you don’t have to tie up all your time and money into one property. You have the option to sell your interest, make a trade to a different property, or consider co-ownership in multiple homes.

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How It Works

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We match prospective owners into an exclusive cohort and facilitate the creation of a customized LLC to leverage the buying power of their partnership.

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Through our exceptional market expertise, we help match the partnership to the most desirable properties available – homes that often would have been out of reach for individual buyers.

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We provide property management and maintenance, scheduling, and personalized travel and concierge services, so you’re free to enjoy your vacation home to the fullest – as it should be.

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Our innovative eight-year investment model provides you with years of enjoyment in your second home and an exit strategy focused on a profitable return.

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